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Our wedding day was the happiest and most radiant day of my life. I was marrying the man for me, and I never had to do any wedding planning ever again!

Every aspect of wedding planning requires calculated and creative thinking, flexibility, and willpower to stay on track. For those brides to be that are planning their future wedding: you are planning a wedding, but your main focus should be on the marriage. Those guiding words helped me relieve my stress, navigate obstacles, and ultimately prevented me from revealing the final form of "Bridezilla". To say that the wedding planning was a breeze would be an outright lie, but I had the most wonderful support system: my mom, and all these amazing vendors who made my life so much easier. I will have a separate Wedding Q&A post which will provide more anecdotal context to the day, I will answer one of the most asked ones in this post: No, I did not have a wedding planner. I planned the wedding myself.

Avant - les filles

My day started at 7:30am when I went to Suki's South Granville for my hair appointment. I wanted to make sure that on my wedding day, I looked like myself. I wanted Tommy to see me, the girl he fell for, not someone I made myself to be. Out of the many things to consider for the wedding, we prioritized feeling instead of materialistic elements: we wanted the wedding to feel genuine, comfortable and happy. I arrived at the salon holding my customized Olivia The Wolf headpiece, and wore the white custom silk pajamas my cousins had made for me with my new name embroidered on the pocket. It was the perfect start to the morning.

My girlfriends arrived at my house at around 10am, and they all did their own hair and makeup, as I did mine as well. I am so lucky to have the most beautiful girlfriends both inside and out. These girls have all been my rock at different points in my life, and now I had them all together for this wonderful day. We laughed because as we all got ready, it was reminiscent of when we used to get ready before our high school dances.

Avant - les garçons

Tommy and the boys had an equally chill and good time as us. Though their morning was filled with a few more swigs than ours, they all relaxed at Tommy's apartment put on their tuxes, watched some TV, and spent the morning with Tommy's mom.

It has been so wonderful getting to know all the groomsmen. I'm truly grateful that Tommy has such an amazing group of guys that are dependable, loyal and real. It's hard to find that in friendships, and for these friendships to last for so long.

The Ceremony

I never felt nervous about the wedding --ever, but as soon as we were in the car heading to the church, I felt this tingle of nervous energy slowly turn into a wave of nerves. When I get like this, I sometimes faint from low blood sugar, so I grabbed some candy to boost myself back up. For some reason, it was only then that it hit me that this was actually happening. Today was the wedding day, and it was happening. I spent months planning, thinking about the wedding day and night (even in my sleep!), but for some reason, it was only NOW that my heart and mind were finally connecting. It was really happening.

(Tommy stepped on my veil and so my head was trapped like that, but was trying to be super elegant and not show that I was stuck... that didn't really work)

The Tea Ceremony

Adding in the traditional elements of our heritage were really important to me, and most important of all was the fact that my grandparents (both sets!) were present on this big day. Given some of the events that have happened in recent years, I was so happy that they all had the energy, and could all be present to enjoy and experience of our wedding.

The Reception

As soon as the ceremonies were done, an enormous weight was lifted off my shoulders. I was ready to enjoy the wedding and everything that we had planned as soon as I put on my second dress. However, the roles shifted. Tommy was inside the ballroom helping set up some additional parts of the wedding in order to further the enjoyment of our guests. Literally, if that isn't the sweetest thing, I don't know what is. He wanted to make sure that everything was perfect for me, so he helped do it himself.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our day possible:

Photography: Sancii and The Collective You

Videography: Life Studios

Bridal Gowns: Rosa Clara from Rituals of Love and OM Couture

Tuxedos: The Tux Store

Bridesmaids Gowns: JJ's House

Florals: Southland Farm Market @southland.floral

Candles: Jo Malone at Holt Renfrew Vancouver

Hair: Dorothy at Suki's (South Granville)

Hair piece: Olivia The Wolf

Makeup: Me!

Drapery: Divine Decor

Invitations: Paperless Post


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