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Ice, ice baby.

I personally love styling neutrals in the winter. There is something luxurious about the way camel tones and winter whites blend. In the summer, I find that it is too hot to have a ton of fun with outfits because I am constantly sweating. However, in the winter, I love layering textures and fabrics to play them off one another. One of my favourite ways to wear neutrals in the winter is with monochromatic looks: head to toe creams and ivories, beige, camel, taupes. Something about them is just so soothing to look at!

#1 Must Have: A Cream Coloured Turtleneck

In this case, mine is a mock neck, but I have variations of this style in a bunch of different ways: a tight cream body suit, a balloon sleeve sweater, a thick ivory knit, cashmere creme... the list goes on. And the best part is that this luxurious look doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. The knit that I have on in the photo is from Zara. One of my biggest tips is to also browse the knits in the kids section. I'm a 5"8 girl, and I can fit the 14 y/o size.

#2 Must Have: Faux Fur Textures

This fluffy mocha cloud is the ultimate cuddle buddy. The second it arrived at my flat, I called Tommy over to come touch it. I love being a bit more creative and extra with outfits in the winter because there is an aire of glamour to it. The season longs for cozy cuddles and luxurious textures. Some of my favourite looks are to pair voluminous fuzzy jackets with jeans for a cool-girl off-duty look. Plus you are kept so warm! That's a must when you live in Vancouver!

#3 Must Have: Suede Pants

It's a softer, more relatable look than wearing rugged leather. Don't get me wrong, I love the cool-girl vibe of leather, but I feel like the fashion world has been pushing that hard this season, so it's nice to mix it up with something a bit more unexpected. I do have to warn you, that for those who are on the more tan side of things, choose a colour that is NOT too close to your skin tone! For me, I chose a pair that is on the cooler and paler side, so that it would minimize the chances of me looking like I was walking around pantsless. That's not a minimalistic look I'd ever push for.

#4 Must Have: Neutral Accessories

I do love monochromatic neutral looks, however I wanted to play with the layers of brown and beige. I found a different shade of beige for the boots, but continued with the softness by having nubuck ankle boots with a unique heel from Charles and Keith. Additionally, I mixed up the look with a shiny bag (also from Charles and Keith) to offset the matte textures of the look.

I adore this look because it is so easy to recreate! You can swap the suede pants for straight legged jeans, swap the ankle books for sneakers, and keep the rest of the look the same to create that rock and roll glam feel. I always go for comfort in fashion, because I hate the feeling of not being myself when I am dressed in something uncomfortable or not quite me. I also adore looking for affordable ways to look well-dressed. I'm a firm believer of working within your means, and I think that it is absolutely possible to look polished using streetwear. Don't ever feel that you have to buy the latest and the greatest. Treat yourself when you can with some classics, and you will never be out of style.

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